About me

Self-employed I do photos like a photographer and like a webmaster I do websites..

No smoker (I hate smoker sorry), christian (this is not very important) , like to taste beer and red wine (this is important!)

Single for 7 years I’m always travelling for my job between Europe, Caribbean and United States. I lived in many amazing places, cross a lot of wonderful people but I’m still missing you..

What about me, my friends say I’m gentle, too much because I love to give more than receive so if you’re looking for a rich man you’re not at the right door!  But my wealth is not in a bank account it’s in my heart…

Dad of 5 kids I’m on my 50s but I feel like my sons maybe younger sometimes 🙂  My youngest is just turning 19 yo and I’m free of kids I just come in France to visit them as often as possible maybe because I’m a good Dad I don’t know I love all of them and they give me love back that’s my reason to live for a few years, .. waiting for you..

In first I’m adventurer, ultra patient (I promise you) and want to discover the world and people who lives here or other where.

Otherwise I’m sincere, romantic (like European men) open minded and perfectionist.  This is maybe not a quality cause sometime I take to much time before I like that I have to do for a customer, that is a bit crazy I know but it’s me.

Don’t worry I’m not perfect, I own a big default who is to look at cute girls mostly when they are dressed short. In fact I’m a bit obsessed by mini skirts dresses or short shorts! Because no ones is perfect and because I love girls’s legs. You’ll see this on my pictures, how say: I live only for that ahaha

Per example I broke a few relationships because my girlfriend wasn’t into wearing mini skirt…

Something very important, not sure you’ll believe but it’s true:

I’m not a sex lover, I like sex only if I am in love and from my divorce I had pleasure with sex only a couple of times other times it has been more to please to my partner.. Yeah women loves sex and they always wants it. I want to reassure you if I fall in love for you you will ask me to stop lol

I enjoy more a photo-shoot with a girl shortly dressed (not into lingerie or naked but high heels are welcome 🙂 ) than sex party if I’m not in love. Even without touching the model that’s so exciting and my dream is to meet a girl who loves been photographed then give me her hand to walk together waiting to the next stop to share big hugs and kiss (french kiss of course)

So that’s me I will add some details a forgot soon, please put my page to your favorites 🙂