About you

You’re free for a serious relationship or just to follow a good friend who share your interests.

I’m not here to play, for a while I wanted to do a website to explain exactly who I am and who I’m looking for I did it today and I’m very serious about it. I love kids I have five but I missed a few nice ladies because she wasn’t able to follow me with their kids. I understand that I think it’s better to be clear in first, my current life is travelling I can consider settle down somewhere this is my goal but at this moment I need to travel and I need you to follow me..

Young in your head and your body, you’re thin, fashionista and like being photographed.

Most important you own beautiful eyes and legs and you like to show your legs. Remember dresses or skirts are never too short for me 🙂

If you en

joy shopping, all girls like it but I mean shopping the kind of clothes I like, if you like being different that everyone, like when people are looking at you thinking: “woooaah she’s so cute and sexy”

Of course this is not the only thing even as I say before it’s very important for me, to follow me you have to be adventurer, open minded, healthy and a bit crazy lol



If you recognize yourself in the pictures below we have something to to together 🙂